Areas of Intervention

Grassroots capacity building

RECEWAPEC carries out capacity building of rural actors to increase knowledge of the situation of both young and older people to raise awareness and improve responses across its network of members and partners.



RECEWAPEC builds partnerships with rural councils, villages, institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are involved in supporting older people.


Social Protection (Alleviating Poverty)


We press for the recognition and realization of older people’s rights at local, national and international levels. Social protection: RECEWAPEC ensures the protection of young and older people’s rights are understood and met. Some of these include the right to shelter, adequate food, transportation, health, etc.


Economic protection

RECEWAPEC builds capacity of both young and old persons in income generating projects for active ageing life. Outreach: RECEWAPEC runs outreach/home attendance for elderly and young persons, screening the eyes, distribution of medicated lenses at affordable cost, consultations and administering first aid treatment and referring serious cases to reference health care centers.