Mission Statement


Bridging gaps, improving care for older persons


Engaging society in sustainable elderly welfare and livelihood promotion


Humanity for sustainable development for disadvantaged/abandoned old persons in Cameroon.


  1. To mobilize  community actors for dialogue and joint action in favour of rights advocacy and social protection of older persons
  2. To establish specialized Eye/Health centers offering holistic care and promotion of active ageing for older persons
  3. To establish social solidarity platforms for the improvement of the standard of living and dignity of older persons
  4. To establish a role model national organization in terms of best organizational practices in the promotion of care of older persons and disadvantaged people groups.

Core Values

We cherish truthfulness and transparency in our dealings with the communities that we serve, making sure they are served appropriately, with the fear of God.

We exist for the purpose of sharing with the disadvantaged and vulnerable people in our communities, all that we can to help them improve on their livelihoods.

As stewards of public resources, we are determined to ensuring that we provide feedback on every penny received in the course of our work, as well as update the communities we serve on our work whenever we are called upon to do so.

We are engaged in finding better ways to improve on our work in order to be resourceful to the communities we serve, as well as developing strategies that will enable us to stay at the forefront, in order to inspire positive societal change.

We are participatory in our work approach, and we value every individual’s contribution without bias of any kind.